Feel at home with the Property League

Fundraising on the Sunshine Coast

Revolutionising a Contribution to the Community, The Property League can join with your local “not-for-profit” sporting club, school, day care centre or community group etc. to raise funds for equipment, a project, event, improvement, activity or just general running costs.  For anyone that sells with us as a result of your group (members or the wider community), we will give 20% of the sales commission upon settlement back to your group.  On a $15,000 commission that’s $3000!  There’s no cost, all you need to do is sign a referral agreement with us, tell people about the promotion through your newsletters, facebook, noticeboards etc. and we’ll do the rest! 

There are some basic terms and conditions which include:

- Displaying Business Cards and DL stand with brochure about 20% of our sales commissions going back to your group at your reception or club-house area so that your community can easily access our details.

- Leads you generate must mention your club upon listing.

- It will be 20% of the available commission after gst is deducted, also minus any fees, costs, discounts or any other offers are applied.  eg. We  may work with with another agency because they have a buyer for the property so they will earn some of the commission too, we offer a seniors discount etc.

- It does not apply to sales for properties outside of the Sunshine Coast.

- It only applies to listings that are referred, not buyers, unless they buy one of your referred listings of course ;-P

 The beauty of this simple program is that for far less work than chocolate drives and plate painting, you can easily raise much needed funds for your local group so contact Amber Fox on 0405 357 735 or amber@thepropertyleague.com.au for more details.